Saturday, September 8, 2007

1000 Blogs!

The Etsy Sellers Who Blog ring now connects more than 1000 Etsy seller's blogs. Yay! I'm also excited to announce a new project: the Etsy Shops Directory. Check it out and add your shop here.


Sygnet Creations said...

lost my code and have no way to find it me please =)

impetuous said...

check this out for etsy polls.

maybe you can do the supply and vintage poll to help explain why these type of Etsy shops are not listed.

TwoManyShoes said...

Hey everyone - check out this contest I just heard about!

It’s the chance of a lifetime for one budding jewelry designer. Heart of Gold℠ (,) an inspirational website for tweens and teens, has partnered with Victoria + Co, a leading manufacturer of fashion jewelry and accessories, to scour the country and give aspiring designers a chance to work with the professional designers at Victoria + Co, and have his or her own design featured on the Heart of Gold℠ website.
“Heart of Gold℠ is a place where young designers can showcase their jewelry, apparel and accessories while giving back to social causes that matter,” says the company’s founder, Marla Isackson. “The inspirational jewelry industry is in critical need of innovative, young designers who want to build a meaningful career while leaving their mark on society.”
To determine who will compete in the contest, which launches November 6th, applicants are asked to create a 2-minute YouTube video “pitching” their idea, and upload it to, complete an online entry form, write a 250-word essay describing their design and why it would be perfect for Heart of Gold℠, and provide a technical drawing of the design (e.g. Illustrator or Photoshop-compressed jpeg). The application deadline is November 26th. After that time, applicants will be judged by the Heart of Gold℠ and Victoria + Co. teams based on the creativity and innovativeness of their design, as well as their essay and video.
On December 16th, Heart of Gold℠ will announce the five finalists and those five will compete in an assignment called “Jewelry for Change,” where they will be asked to design a product for a pre-determined not-for-profit organization. That challenge will determine who will win the ultimate grand prize. This is modeled after Heart of Gold℠’s own line of inspirational jewelry, including the Follow Your Heart to the Life of Your Dreams™ Necklace.
The grand prize winner of the “Design Heart of Gold Jewels” contest will be announced on the website and will get the chance to work on a pro bono, unpaid project with the Victoria + Co. design team. “At Victoria + Co, we feel this contest will not only provide a unique opportunity for young designers, but also expose a new demographic to our formidable brand portfolio that’s been around for generations – a demographic that’s out to make a difference in the world around them,” says Mara Perlmutter, Group President at Victoria + Co. The 1st runner up will receive a $500 pre-paid gift card and the 2nd runner up receives one valued at $250.

Anonymous said...

Found a link through etsy forums to a non-existent blog, so I started it up so it will actually point to something.